Desires.PRO is an Architecture and Interior Design practice focusing on branded public spaces: cafés, restaurants, offices and retail, with holistic approach combining the space planning, decor and customer experience issues. We offer professional architecture, interior design and project management services in Belarus, Russia and internationally. More than 15 years of professional experience.
Among our clients are rapidly developing pizza delivery and fast-casual restaurants chain DODO-Pizza (Russia), Coffee-shops chain GURU Coffee Club (Belarus), Professional accounting services company Accwell (Belarus), Herbalife and others.
Despite that the name of the site might look rather straightforward it does have hidden meaning inside. Desires is not only a short form of the Design Resource, Ltd. company name, but essentially a motto for our activities: “desire — a resource for design”.
But in my understanding the desire in this circumstances has nothing in common to the primitive carnal desires. It rather is, as Louis Kahn put it: ‘Need stands for what is already present, and it becomes a kind of measurement of the already present. Desire becomes a sense of the not yet made. that is the main difference between need and desire […] the architectural programme that comes to you then, becomes transformed, because you see the needs in it, and you see that which has not been expressed in the inspirations you feel. The society of spaces talking to each other in a plan is what reveals itself as an architectural validity, a harmony discovered out of the mere areas in a programme.’ So for us desire is something we dream of.
In turn, dreams came from feeling of a problem or a task. Even (and especially) in case of a big or complex project, such as the Minsk-Central all the preparatory activities and problem analysis lead to the development of the deep feeling of the problem’s nature. All the shards and fragments must form an integral image inside the mind. Finally this holistic image serves as a framework for all the project’s details and features.